Aladdin Pro Features – Everything You Need to Know

  • Aladdin Pro is a secure and easy-to-use wallet.
  • The wallet allows you to control your crypto assets
  • This wallet offers you many great features.

As technology grows and shapes our future, Web3 shapes it a step further into major technological solutions for many of today’s problems. Cryptocurrencies are now without a doubt the future of finance, yet is it easy to understand the crypto market?

The crypto market is built on complicated technology, this technology was meant to ensure that the market will not be controlled by anyone other than the investors themselves. In other words, the crypto market was designed to revolutionize finances by giving the underdog power over their assets.

As more prominent companies started investing in crypto, the market became more linked to the stock market, the Dollar index, and some significant movements such as regulations and crypto adoption.

One example of that is how federal announcements always have their impact on the crypto market’s ups and downs. Crypto investors also used this market to donate money to Ukrainian victims during the Ukrainian crisis.

The bottom line is, that while crypto is a revolutionary innovation, it is still in a deep connection with this world in every aspect.

The Aladdin Pro Wallet app is a crypto wallet where you can keep and control your crypto assets as you enjoy many exciting features. This wallet allows you to buy, sell, stake, and make transactions using only your mobile device.

Aladdin Pro Features

These are the features that can only be accessed on the Aladdin Pro Wallet app.

Access wallet through a new device

For an existing user, click “sign-in”; if you are a new user, click “create an account” and go back to the top of this blog.

After that, enter your registered email address, check your email for a verification code, and enter the code.

login screen

Once that’s done, verify your mobile phone using the verification code sent to you. Then you’ll be shifted to the identity verification, which will be done fully by our support team. All you have to do is find the “contact support” button and click it.

Identity Verification

After you click the button, choose your preferred emailing platform, and write an email to our support team requesting login approval on a new device.

Finally, our support team will get in touch with you to finalize the proceedings.

Access wallet security support

For existing users to access the wallet’s security support, they must go to the official website ( and click the Security Support icon.

As you get redirected to the website, click ‘allow’ on the pop-up to give access to your location.

Existing Aladdin users

After that, choose your request by clicking the drop-down button. Input your registered Aladdin Pro email address, enter your verification code, and click the “proceed” button.

To initiate the voice verification process, click on the record button to start recording your voice while you say the sentence on the screen.

Voice verification

Once you are done, submit the voice verification and you’ll be good to go.

Handover Feature

Aladdin Pro Wallet allows you to set up a handover beneficiary. In any case of deactivation or unprecedented events, the user’s wallet fund will be transferred to the chosen person.

To set your handover feature, Click on the ‘Settings’ button to open the settings panel. On the settings menu, select ‘Handover’ to open customizable options.

Handover feature

In the Handover window, users will see the ‘Enable handover’ option below the screen. Click on the toggle to enable and disable the handover feature. select the app inactivity period before the handover gets activated: 6 months; 12 months; 24 months; or 5years.

Handover feature1

After that, your screen will shift to allow you to add your chosen beneficiary’s personal information. Add their email address and phone number, and click on the “add beneficiary” button.

Add Beneficiary

Once you do that, a confirmation page will appear and the beneficiary will receive an email. They will also receive an email if they were removed from the handover feature.

Benefactors email

The beneficiary will be able to see the benefactors’ name, existing AladdinPro email address, and mobile number. However, the information will only appear once there is proven inactivity from the side of the benefactor in the span of the chosen inactivity period.

Now that you know all about our extra features and how to use them, you can start your own crypto wallet and enjoy these benefits and features.

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