Aladdin Pro Wallet Staking and Lending Service Guide


We are happy to announce that Aladdin Pro is back again with exciting new ways to help you earn more. This time we have come up with an amazing Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on Aladdin Pro’s soft-staking carnival. 

Aladdin Pro’s soft staking carnival offers extensive asset support, reliable storage, and enterprise-class security. Our new staking service boasts a highly competitive APR and is accompanied by a new lending service to strengthen liquidity access.

Aladdin Pro Wallet users can now stake directly in-wallet. By staking, users become eligible to apply for the lending service via email. There will be a screening process for all the applications received by email, after which the applicants will be contacted within 72 hours. 

Here are the details entailed within the staking plan:

Supported assets BTC, ETH 
Staking period 3 | 6 | 12 (months) 
Monthly interest rate 1.2% | 1.6% | 2%
Annualized Rate (APR)14.4% | 19.2% | 24%
Minimum staking amount0.01 BTC | 0.1 ETH
Maximum staking amount100 BTC | 1000 ETH
Interest rate payment methodUpon completion of the staking period

Note: Once a plan’s staking limit has been reached, new stakes will no longer be accepted. The interest rate for staking will be lowered in the future.

Given below are the details of the lending plan for staked users:

Eligible usersUsers staked with Aladdin Pro Wallet’s staking service
Limit70% of collateral assets
Supported assetsBTC and ETH
Monthly interest rate2.5% fixed 
Loan periodAvailable at any time during the staking period
Repayment MethodPayment upon completion of the lending period

For more information, please refer to the official Aladdin Pro Wallet announcement channel

For lending service applications and all other inquiries, please contact [email protected].