Transactions on Aladdin Pro Wallet – All You Need to Know

Transactions on Aladdin Pro Wallet - All You Need to Know
  • Aladdin Pro is a secure and easy to use wallet.
  • This wallet allows you to control your digital assets.
  • The Aladdin Pro Wallet allows users to control their crypto assets.

Crypto has been known for changing finances forever, as it opened the doors to easier and less time-consuming transactions. Yet, some people still see it as a risky investment, especially after hearing more about the frequent cyber crimes.

Truth be told, many cybercriminals are taking advantage of poorly protected wallets. On the other hand, this is a frequent accident, yet it is not frequent enough to the point of fear. After 13 years since the beginning of cryptocurrencies, millions of people have invested in cryptocurrencies, and while some are potential victims of cyber thefts, cybercriminals are not that likely to target everyday users.

Also, more countries are now regulating and embracing cryptocurrencies, which will naturally push the crypto sphere to become safer for investors. The UAE is one example, as it announced its plans to make Dubai the next crypto hub. France has also embraced crypto lately as it started with the Paris Blockchain Week Summit.

Crypto transactions might be complicated to understand since it is a fairly new technology that people are still trying to understand. Also, many crypto and blockchain-related terms could be confusing to some people.

Aladdin Pro Wallet is an app that helps you make transactions, buy, sell, and stake crypto easier and with a high level of security. This app allows you to manage your crypto wallet easily, as it offers you a detailed user’s guide and a self-explanatory format.

The Aladdin Pro Wallet app also offers a wide collection of tokens and coins that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Litecoin, XRP, ABBC, TNC, DASH, and more. Also, the app allows you to follow up with your transactions as it provides detailed reports.

Transact crypto with Aladdin Pro

Managing your crypto wallet can be tricky, especially when you are a crypto newbie. However, the Aladdin Pro Wallet app makes it much easier.

Manage tokens

Aladdin Pro supports all ERC-20 tokens along with major tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. To manage your tokens, you can click on the settings icon in the top right corner and then click on “manage token”, which you can find under the “general” tab.

After that, your screen will show a list of tokens, pick your preferred tokens and then go back to the wallet dashboard to find the added tokens.

Send/receive funds

To send funds, just enter the wallet address of the receiver and the exact amount of funds to be sent. You can leave a personal message on the ‘Memo’ space to the person who will receive the funds.

To receive funds, you can either share your wallet address with the sender or allow the sender to scan your wallet’s QR code.

Buy crypto with a credit card

To buy crypto with your credit card via the Aladdin Pro Wallet app, open the app and click “buy” from the bar down below. After that, you’ll see all the available coins and tokens. Click on the desired token.

After you check the price of the exchange, check the box below to agree to the terms and conditions, and press the “confirm” button.

Sell crypto with a credit card

To sell crypto tokens, choose “seller”, and check the amount while considering that it includes the fees. Then type the email address where you wish to receive the verification email.

After you receive the email, enter your verification code, check the terms and conditions box, and press the “continue” button. After that, enter the billing address,

After that, you will move to the payment review page. Read the payment review carefully before proceeding. Once you are done reading the review, press the “continue” button. Enter your card information on the “complete payment” page, check the box below, and press the “continue” button.

Transaction status

In the Aladdin Pro Wallet, transactions will have three statuses:

  • Approved by User: this means that the user has already proceeded with sending the transaction and is now waiting for the Aladdin Pro Wallet admin approval.
  • Blockchain Confirmed: it means that the transaction has been approved by the administrator and has been confirmed on the blockchain.
  • Rejected by Admin: this means that a transaction under this status is rejected by the administrator for a valid reason. For any clarifications, please contact our support team.

Convert to ABBC

To convert any token you want to ABBC token, follow these steps:

  • Click the “Plus” button on the downright corner of the Aladdin Pro Wallet app dashboard.
  • Select the first option “convert to ABBC”
  • On the screen, you can select among BTC, DASH, ETH, ZEN, and LTC tokens to convert to ABBC coins. You will see all available coins for conversion. Choose the token that needs to be converted.
  • You can enter the coin amount that needs to be converted to ABBC in the “Amount” panel.
  • Check the conversion details in the dashboard, and note that the displayed amount is only an approximate calculation of the ABBC coins you will receive excluding the fees.
  • Check the ”I agree to the terms and conditions” box and click the “CONFIRM” button.
  • Enter your current Passcode to proceed.
  • Once you confirm the transaction, the screen will show the transaction confirmation page with the TXID.
  • The ABBC coin will be transferred to your account within 1 to 2 hours after the confirmation
  • After the conversion, the deducted amount will be categorized as “purchasing”. Additionally, the user can check the transaction details.
  • Once the purchase has been completed, the user can check “ABBC purchasing“ on the transaction history of the wallet.

Now that you know all about transactions using the Aladdin Pro Wallet app, it is time to make your transactions. Enjoy our extra features and make your transactions using our easy and secure app.

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