How to Change Your Email One Time Passcode and 2FA on Aladdin Pro Wallet

How to Change Your OTP and 2FA on Aladdin Pro Wallet
  • Aladdin Pro is a secure and easy-to-use wallet.
  • This wallet allows you to control your digital assets.
  • The Aladdin Pro wallet allows you to have extra security features such as OTP and 2FA.

As cryptocurrencies are making the future of finance, cyber crimes are spreading all over the web3 sphere. There are a lot of ways for cybercriminals to hack and steal cryptocurrencies from various wallets.

Aladdin Pro Wallet is designed to assure that its users never become a victim of any kind of cybercrime. This wallet was prepared to have many layers of security features. The wallet also offers many great features that will help users manage their wallets in an easy way.

Two of our most important security features are the Email One-Time Passcode (OTP) and Google Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). These two features are both separate but serve the exact same purpose.

This will be explained as we talk about the features, their benefits, their importance, and more.

Email One-Time Passcode (OTP)

The Email One-Time Passcode (OTP) feature is designed to help users protect their accounts by allowing a one-time entrance. This way they will guarantee that this is the only time they logged into their account. In other words, no one can use the code after it’s been used the first time.

The Email One-Time Passcode (OTP), also known as a one-time PIN, one-time authorization code (OTAC), or dynamic password, is a unique, machine-generated password that only works for one time.

The feature is designed to prevent identity theft cases by making sure that the user name and password can’t be exploited. OTP is usually used in eBanking, corporate networks, and other systems containing sensitive data.

The OTP usually consists of an alphanumeric code, and it is a part of the two-factor authentication. There are two different methods for OTP to work, the first is an already-made list of passwords that are known to both the user and the system. If one of these one-time passwords is used, the user simply deletes it from the list.

The disadvantage of this method is that if the user loses the list, an unauthorized user can get access to these words.

The second method is dynamic one-time passwords which are the most commonly used method. Hardware tokens are widely used for generating passwords on the fly. These small devices come in different forms such as key fobs or keypad devices.

These dynamic one-time passcodes usually have a display and generate one-time passwords for a login session at the push of a button. Passwords generated by these devices are often entered together with other authentication factors such as PINs or user IDs.

OTP with Aladdin Pro Wallet

On the Aladdin Pro Wallet app, you can find the Email One-time Passcode (OTP) as an option in the settings.

For this option go to the security settings and select the “Email OTP” option. After you select the option, your screen will shift to a number plate with space above for your current passcode.

Once you enter the passcode, your screen will shift to a similar page where you are expected to write your Email verification code. Meanwhile,  a new code will be sent to your registered email address. Enter the new email Address code, and it will automatically be saved.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security process that allows users to provide two authentication factors to verify their identity. 2FA is implemented to better protect both a user’s credentials and the resources the user can access. Two-factor authentication provides a higher level of security than authentication methods that depend on single-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication methods rely mostly on a user providing a password as the first factor in addition to a different factor which is usually either a security token or a biometric print, such as a fingerprint or facial scan.

In other words, the two-factor authentication works to add a second layer of security to the authentication process by making it harder for attackers to gain access to a person’s devices or online accounts because, even if the victim’s password is hacked, a password alone is not enough to pass the authentication check.

Authentication factors, listed in approximate order of adoption for computing, usually include

  • A knowledge factor: something the user knows, such as a password, a personal identification number (PIN), or some sort of a shared secret.
  • A possession factor: something the user has, such as an ID card, a cell phone, a security token, a mobile device, or a smartphone app, to approve authentication requests.
  • A biometric factor: something inherent in the user’s physical self. These may be personal attributes mapped from physical characteristics, such as fingerprints authenticated through a fingerprint reader.
  • A location factor: which means a factor denoted by the location from which an authentication attempt is being made.
  • A time factor: which restricts the user’s authentication to a specific time window, in which the user can log in.

2FA with Aladdin Pro Wallet

Setting up Google Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is the third option on the security settings list.

For this, you should go to “Security Settings” and choose the “Google Authenticator PIN” option. After that, your screen will shift to a number plate with space above your current passcode.

When you enter your current passcode, your screen will shift to a QR code with a security code down below.

Under the security QR-code, you can see two buttons, the “add to Google authenticator” Button and the “Next” button, press the “add to Google authenticator” Button. After that, your screen will shift to the Google Authenticator app installed on your mobile phone.

After that, Copy your google OTP code and go back to the Aladdin Pro app and click on the “next” button. Your screen will shift to a number plate with a space above for your verification code. Enter your Google OTP code and you are good to go.

Now that you have the knowledge you need on both OTP and 2FA, you are all set. Yet, we advise you to use these two features for more protection layers.

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