Security With Aladdin Pro – All You Need to Know

  • Aladdin Pro is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet.
  • This wallet offers many outstanding security methods.
  • Cybersecurity is becoming one of the major issues.

While web3 is conquering the world, cryptocurrencies are making the future of finance. Yet, while we are witnessing the birth of a new era, cyber felonies also exist to remind us of the dark side of this revolution.

cybersecurity is one of the world’s most pressuring matters in this current age. This started ever since the internet was available for people to use, yet back then it was much more simple. As we got to web3, cyber crimes have reached the point where companies and businesses are losing up to millions of their crypto funds to hackers and cybercriminals.

One popular example of that is the Ronin Bridge incident when cybercriminals stole around $650 Million from Axie Infinity’s Ethereum-based side chain, known as Ronin wallet. The hackers manipulated the platform and gained access to withdraw the funds and move them later to another wallet.

These incidents pushed the Aladdin Pro tech team to develop a higher level of security, which makes the Aladdin Pro Wallet app not only easy to use but also highly secured and protected. There are many ways to verify the user’s identity.

Email verification

Email verification is the first step into the Aladdin Pro Wallet app. After you hit the register button for the first time, you shift immediately to a screen where you enter your email address. You’ll receive an email at the address you entered, this email contains a verification code.

After you enter your email address, you’ll shift to the verification page, where you can enter the verification code. After the code is approved, you’ll be done with this stage.

Phone number verification

Phone number verification is another way to keep your wallet safe. Phone number verification is the second stage after email verification, you will have to enter your phone number and hit the “verify” button. This will allow us to send a verification code to your phone number. After that, you’ll shift to a verification page, where you should enter your verification code. After the code is approved, you’ll be good to go.

Voice verification

Voice verification is the third stage, where it was added as a unique feature just like facial recognition.

To start recording, press the “tap to record” button, and record your voice while saying the sentence written in yellow above. After that listen to the recording, if not clear, click the “re-record” button; if clear click the “done” button to move to the next step.

Mnemonic phrase

The mnemonic phrase is a unique sentence used to log into your Aladdin Pro wallet. Below the phrase, you will see a “copy to clipboard” button, and lower on the screen you can see a “continue” button. Either click on the “copy to clipboard” button to save it to your mobile device, or write it down.

Application passcode

To set your application’s passcode, press the “got it” button. Your screen will move to a number plate with a space for a 6-digit number. Enter a number of your choice.

This passcode is used to confirm transactions.

Changing passcode

After setting your account, You can change your Aladdin Pro security settings whenever you want.

To change the passcode, choose ‘passcode’ from the security settings, after that the screen will shift to a number plate with a space above it. Enter your old passcode to verify it is you using the app, after that your screen will shift to a similar format, where you can enter the new passcode.

After that, you will be asked to retype the new passcode for verification, once you type it for the second time the app will automatically save it.

Biometric verification

Biometric verification is another feature added to guarantee you a higher level of security.

Choose one biometric feature that is available on your device. Now, every time you need to use the app, the biometric print will be needed for verification.

To disable this feature, all you need to do is go to settings and select “biometric verification”, after you do that, your screen will shift to biometric verification. This will confirm your identity to disable the feature.

Aladdin Pro Wallet offers many more advanced features, yet the security system we have developed is made specially to guarantee you a safe way into the crypto world.

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